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Building cooperation in communities is a complex task because of diversified needs of communities with mature people serving to strive for common objective. The challenge here is not only to deal with diversified needs of every community but to become aware of the people believes and then plan effectively and efficiently. The task can efficiently achieve with the help of automated tools which are also in their prototyping phase in writegroupz.

  1- Challenge

  • Communities have diversified needs
  • Cooperation methodology to effectively build cooperation in community has close co-relation with it's needs

  • 2- Methodology

  • Community analysis

  •           i. Nature
              ii. Mission statement
              iii. Standard operating procedures to achieve mission
              iv. Status-quo determination

  • Building strategy
              i. Derivative of mission/objective
              ii. Analyzing interdependencies of resources
              iii. People
                    1- Background
                    2- Qualifications
                    3- Beliefs
                         a- Cooperation
                         b- Collaboration
                         c- Learning to learn

  • Implementation
             i. Lectures
                    1- Interactive sessions
             ii. Seminars
             iii. Conflict resolutions
             iv. Assignments
             v. Learning from the peer
                    1- Sharing skills
             vi. Learning from superiors in hierarchy
                    1- Transferring skills

    3- Assessment

  • Determining factors
             i. Willingness
             ii. Acceptability
             iii. Results
             iv. Online survey on periodic basis (IT tool to determine need or revival)
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